Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I like to write letters to your brother. I thought it was time to start writing to you too. We had an ultrasound to see whether you are a boy or a girl but that day you must have been feeling modest. That's ok. Most times Mama will want all your "parts" to be covered up. But next time? Next time it's OK to just let it all hang out, OK? Thanks!

Also, thanks more than I can possibly mention for not making me throw up any more. I loved you then but I love you even more now. :) I promise I'll try to eat less junk and more veggies, OK? We don't want you to come out only wanting pizza and bread instead of milk, right?

You move around a lot more than your brother did. In fact, right after I got up off of the exam table from having my ultrasound that day, you started doing flips in my belly. Your daddy got to feel you kick for the first time about two weeks ago. He didn't get to feel that with Easton until much later because Easton just didn't seem to want to move around a whole lot. I love feeling you move around in my tummy. I wish we knew for certain whether you are a boy or a girl because I think it would be fun to pick out a name, decorate your room and "get to know you" a little better but for now I'm just really enjoying those times when you decide to say hello. Keep it up, litle one!

I love you!


Jen said...

Awwwwww.....i love it!