Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The post in which I talk entirely too much about throwing up...don't say you weren't warned!

Well, it looks like some of us are on the mend. It was a l-o-n-g weekend though! Saturday night, I threw up and threw up and threw up some more until I couldn't even walk by myself from the bathroom back to bed. Once I finally realized it was a bug and not morning sickness, I just kinda resolved to wait it out and see what happened. Thankfully Jason was home and took care of our sweet little man while I was so sick. He's amazing. He kept up with the dishes, laundry, taking care of Easton AND taking care of me. And the taking care of Easton part wasn't easy at all because by Sunday, Easton came down with the bug too. Thankfully, his version was just diarrhea and no throwing up but it was a long rough day for all of us.

By Monday, Easton was better and I thought I was slightly feeling better too, so Jason went off to work. But by 1 pm, I still couldn't keep any food down, so I called my dr and she told me to go to the emergency room. Again. So I called Jason, he came home from work and by the time I mustered up enough energy to finally leave the house, Jason was starting to not feel good at all. I decided he should stay home and get some rest and it's a good thing he did. By the time I got home from the E.R, he was bundled up like an Eskimo on the couch, shivering and shaking. Poor guy! I think in the whole time I've known him he's only been sick like that a hand full of times, so it's tough to see him feeling so crappy!

By the way, the E.R. visit was pretty uneventful. I hauled my crappy-feeling self in there, got checked in, got blood drawn, and waited about 2 1/2 hours to be seen. Then the dr hooked me up to an I.V, gave me a shot of Zofran and I hung out and watched t.v for about an hour or so. Then they said to follow up with my ob/gyn and sent me on my way. Pretty much a repeat of last time only (thankfully) without the 7 1/2 hour wait time. Thank goodness! By the time I was released it was raining and starting to snow. By the time I was half way home, it was snowing so hard I had to slow down to 35 on the interstate just to see where I was going. I made it home just as the snow quit falling. It sure made for an interesting day!

When I got home, Easton was already in bed for the night. I checked on him, gave Jason some Tylenol and we shared a can of beef broth for dinner. Then he went to bed and I got right to work on my paper that was due by midnight last night. I really didn't mean to wait until the last minute on this one. I just kept waiting to work on it when I felt better but that time never happened. I'm sure it wasn't the best paper I've ever done, but by golly somehow I got it done. I couldn't have done it at all without Jason though. He did 2 whole pages of it for me while I was in the E.R. Normally I frown on that kind of stuff big time but trust me, this was an emergency to be sure! Thanks, honey for doing great work and getting me started. You're a lifesaver!

So I got the paper in on time. Thankfully I remembered that the paper was due at 12:00pm Pacific time and not Eastern time. I earned myself a little breathing room with 3 extra hours to work on my paper and I sure did need it! I submitted my paper at 9:46pm Pacific time (which is 12:46 my time) and that extra little bit sure saved me! At this point, I'm just proud to have pulled it off and not so much worried about the grade. This whole 5 1/2 week long class has been a struggle from day one and I am so glad it is over! 2 E.R visits, technical problems, a vacation, Easton's 1 year birthday, and morning sickness every single day and I still managed to do it. WHEW! That was tough! No rest for me though. My next class starts...TODAY! Thankfully it starts out easy 'cause I sure could use a little EASY right now!

Know what else I could use? A nice, big, fat, juicy cheeseburger. Oh, man that sounds wonderful! Never mind the fact that it's only 9:30am. When the last real meal you've been able to eat (and not throw up) was 3 days ago, you don't care what the clock says. When you want a cheeseburger, you want a cheeseburger. Too bad I'll still be living on applesauce, beef broth and Jello for the next day or so til the queasies go away. But thankfully, I'm not throwing up today. HALLELUJAH!

Poor Jason still feels really crappy but he's in bed today and probably will be all day. Hopefully it's over quickly. At least I'm feeling well enough to take care of us while he's out of comission. Get well soon, honey! I love you!


Jen said...

Oh my goodness! What a horrible time for you all!! It makes me think that I wish we were closer SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! This is when your friends are supposed to step up and take care of you! I would be there in a heart beat if it were possible! I know I'm reading this a few days late...so I hope by now you're all ALL better! hugs and kisses!! (from a distance though--just to be safe! ha ha :o)