Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hallelujah! That paper that Jason started for me (thanks, honey! Great job!) and I finished after my trip to the E.R.? I got 20 out of 20 points for it. I have NEVER done that well on a paper that I just threw together at the last minute. Comments from my instructor: Nice work on your paper. Your writing is clear and concise, and the sources you use effectively support your points. It was a pleasure to work with you in this class and I wish you the best in your academic career.

Woohoo! Looks like I'll get a good grade in that class after all. Man, it was a struggle from day one but thank goodness it's OVER! Now I'm taking a sociology course and it's already proven to be pretty tough.

I think I'll celebrate my hard work with some Rolaids to try to put out this raging inferno in my chest (heartburn so bad it feels like I could breathe fire), a bubble bath and a chapter or two of a good book. SIGH! (Big sigh of relief!)


Jen said...

Wow..those are SOME compliments! You should be SOOO proud of yourself---and NOT just for what you're doing academically!

Jen said...

Ps. Did you get something in the mail from me recently? Just checking....