Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh my gracious...there are only 43 days until Christmas! Holy cow! Usually I start my shopping about September but with a new little one on the way, it has really snuck up on me this year! We're not travelling anywhere for Christmas this year, so we'll be doing most of our shopping online. That should take some of the stress out of the equation but YIKES! Better get started!

In other news, I was hoping to have time to get some pictures uploaded tomorrow, but I just got an email from my instructor that says there was a computer glitch and I have to redo TWO homework assignments! AARRGGHH!! I have had nothing but technical difficulties in this class and I am SO FRUSTRATED! Thankfully this is the last week of class. Looks like I won't have to deal with it much longer. But my next 5 1/2 week class starts November 18th. No rest for the weary. I'll just keep my nose to the grindstone and before I know it I'll have my degree. At least that's what I keep telling myself. :) To paraphrase one of my favorite Disney movies "just keep working, just keep working. Working, working, working, working." :)


Jen said...

That is INSANE! 43 days till Christmas? AUGH!
What a BUMMER about your lost assignments. That would make me NUTS! But then...what can you do about it? (save them to disk maybe??)
Anyhow, I'm SOOO Impressed with you...doing school, being pregnant, having a 1 year old, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. etc. etc.... Way to Go!!

Amy said...

Oh, Jen! Bless your heart for saying that but if you could only see my house right now, you'd be appalled. I've really had to develop tunnel vision when it comes to the house and just realize that whatever I'm doing right now is what's most important. And some days (like today) I DO manage to get some stuff done around the house but it is just the bare minimum.
It's hard not to feel guilty about what I'm NOT getting done but it's just so hard these days to concentrate on not throwing up that that's about all I'm worried about. I go see a new Dr. tomorrow and hopefully she'll have something that will help.

I didn't get much housework done today but I DID get in some really fun playtime with Easton most of the day today, halfheartedly cleaned the kitchen, cooked 3 meals, AND did four assignments for my class that were due TODAY! (Nothing like a little procrastination to get me to kick it into high gear.) Wow! When I type it all out, I guess I did do enough. That's just gonna have to be what I strive for on a daily basis...not doing it all but just doing enough.

Gotta get to bed now! I'm pooped!

Jen said...

Hug yourself for me wouldja? You're doing an amazing job!