Thursday, November 06, 2008

Boy, oh boy is mama running behind with your 12 month letter! We have been so busy in the past month. We went to Oklahoma to visit for three weeks, came home for a few days and then went on vacation with Daddy for a week to Williamsburg. Now we're back at home, getting back into our routine and I can finally take a break and write this letter to you. I just cannot even believe that you have been in my life for a whole year. It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital!

You are so busy these days. Always on the move and checking things out. You love to "clean off the coffee table" and by that I mean sweep everything on the table off into the floor. You also love to open the kitchen cabinets. Guess it's time to put those locks on now to keep your little fingers from getting pinched.

You are still screeching a lot. A WHOLE lot!!! It seems to be your way of telling us everything. Done eating? SCREECH! Want a toy? SCREECH! Are you happy? Screech! Want to get down? SCREEEECCCHHH! I've taken more Tylenol this past month than ever before. Sweet baby, I will sure be glad when you have another way of telling me what you need!

You are cruising around the house holding onto everything. You will be taking your first steps just any day and it's exciting to see you working so hard on learning to walk. You still have no teeth yet but are always chewing on the tag of your favorite bear. You now have two bears - a yellow one and a blue one. Heaven help us if you happen to drop your bear over the side of your crib at naptime! You HAVE to have your bear or you just absolutely cannot go to sleep. Looks like we'll be trying to find just one more bear to have on hand in case anything happens to yellow bear or blue bear. You grab two handfuls of the bear and cram as much of it in your mouth as you possibly can. We can always tell you're tired when your eyes get red and you dive head first into your bear.

You used to be a champion sleeper. You used to sleep 12-13 hours in a stretch every single night without fail. Now we're lucky if you only wake up once during the night. Are your teeth bothering you? Did you just decide you like the way the world looks around 4am? Either way, I miss the good old days of you sleeping til 8:30.

You are such a joy to me, my sweet boy. You really have a silly side and love to be entertaining me by dancing to music whenever it's on or scrunching up your face and making silly sounds. You've found that you can growl and you know that it usually makes me laugh so you do it often.

I am so lucky to be your mama and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.
I love you and no matter how big you get, you'll always be my baby.