Friday, July 11, 2008

Today, Easton and I were playing basketball and I was trying to teach him the word "ball". Since his favorite "word" to say is "buh", I thought this would be an easy one for him. Boy, did it prove to be an interesting lesson for us both!

Overheard in our living room today:

Me: "Ball. Easton, this is an orange ball. A basketball. Can you say BALL?"

E: "Buh."

Me: "Yay! Yes, that's right. Ball. See, here's another ball. This one is yellow and purple and has a bell inside. Ball."

E. "Buh."

Easton waits a few seconds, looks over at me, grabs my boob and says "Buh."

Not quite son! Boy, they start early don't they?! By the addition to "buh", Easton said "Dada" last night for Jason. Pretty cool. You should have seen the look on Jason's face. It was priceless. He was so proud!