Monday, June 30, 2008

We had such a fun day today! I had a sink full of dishes to do so I cranked up the music on the Kid Tunes station and put you in your exersaucer in the doorway to the kitchen where you could see me. I did the dishes and you danced by bouncing up and down on your chubby little legs to the music. I think your favorite song of the day was Feliz Navidad, although why they were playing that in June I'll never know.

You've been eating "mama-made" baby food since this weekend and you seem to like it just as much if not better than the store bought stuff. That sure makes me happy because I worked all weekend making it for you! :) At lunch today, you tried avacado for the first time. You insisted on feeding yourself and by the end of lunch you and I were both speckled green. It's fun watching you try things for yourself.

You are adamant that we not help you as you learn to feed yourself with a spoon. You get very frustrated because right now most of your food ends up falling off the spoon before it gets to your mouth but you are getting the hang of it and are doing better every day. You really like Cheerios and fruit puffs but get annoyed when they stick to your hands and don't actually get into your mouth. I think you'd much rather eat them when mama or daddy feeds them to get them in your mouth quicker that way.

You are crawling now but only briefly. You get a little impatient and tired after trying to crawl and you'd much rather roll around to get where you need to go. After lunch, we played in the wading pool and I gave you a bath there too. You sure didn't want to get out but within 5 minutes after I laid you down in your crib you were fast asleep.

Sometimes when you're sleeping I have to go in and just look at you. You look so sweet sleeping with your face smushed up in the corner of your crib. You aren't able to sleep unless you're right up against the bars of your crib and usually have to have your little face smushed up against your bumper pad. How can you sleep like that?!

You're talking a lot more lately. Mostly "uh-buh" and "buh-buh-buh". I wonder if you're trying to say "bottle" but you say it all the time so I'm not sure. We're working on teaching you to sign. We're having to learn it too so it's new for all of us. Daddy is really good at signing "eat" and "more" and we use them with you a lot. Tonight you might have tried to sign "eat" to us. But then again you might have just thought your fingers looked yummy.

I wish I could stop time and have you be my sunny, funny little sweetie boy forever. You are growing up so fast! But no matter how old you get, little monkey, always remember your mama loves you and I am so blessed to be here with you!