Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random stuff. Cause I sure know how to put off doing what I should be doing.

Best snack ever:

Although something tells me it defeats the purpose of buying reduced fat vanilla wafers if you use them to see just how much peanut butter you can fit on one little cookie and still fit it into your mouth. :) Also, I love Nilla wafers so much that when I go to the grocery store and see those new Nilla wafer cakesters they seem to call out to me in the store "Buy me, buy me, buy me!". So far I have managed to avoid them because they look like they'd mean certain death to all my jeans I currently barely fit into. Anyone tried these things? They look delicious! I can't let myself buy them though so someone try one for me and tell me they are disgusting so I can quit ogling them in the store every time I go grocery shopping.

Weirdest milk jug ever:

Ever seen one of these? I got this at Costco and it was awful! The spout (?) is in such a weird place that you end up spilling milk all over the counter (and sometimes all over the floor too) every time you try to pour it. AWFUL! Hopefully this isn't a new trend in milk jugs that every company is switching over to. YUCK!

And proof that parents do silly things to their helpless babies just because they can:

Another one of those "he's gonna hate me for this one later" pictures.

View from my rear-view mirror. What a cutie!

And no, I did not take this while driving down the road. Just FYI.

Easton sitting up in the horse collar