Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I tell you what...we work hard on 2-day weekends but we work REALLY HARD on 3-day weekends! Saturday we did our monthly big shop. (Walmart, Costco, Martin's) It makes for a long day. Plus we also went to Lowe's for gardening supplies. We made an 8'x 8' vegetable garden. I probably went way overboard but here's what we got:
4 Better Boy Tomato plants
1 Cherry tomato plant
2 Green bell pepper plants
1 regular jalapeno plant
1 Mammoth jalapeno plant
1 Acorn squash plant
1 Crookneck squash plant
1 Burpless cucumber plant
1 Pickling cucumber plant
2 Zucchini squash plants
1 Patio tomato plant
2 Pumpkin plants
2 Watermelon plants
Flat-leaf Italian parsley, Mint, and Sweet Basil plants for an herb garden on the deck.

So far we've only got the tomatoes, herbs, peppers and 2 kinds of squash planted. We're going to have to make our garden patch a LOT bigger to contain all those vine-y plants like the squash and pumpkins!

I'd still like to find chives, cilantro, oregano, lavender and strawberries. We didn't have too much luck with our tomatoes and jalapenos or herbs last time we tried but I think we planted too late and didn't water enough. Now that I'm home I can water regularly and weed. (I HATE weeding!) Hopefully we will be up to our eyebrows in fresh produce. With the price of things increasing so much it's nice to be able to grow your own. At least I HOPE we can anyway! Wish us luck! Especially with the watermelon which I really, really wanted to try but Jason says will never work and will take over our garden. We'll see about that. To borrow a quote from Jenni "Tell me I can't---I'll show you I CAN!" Love the attitude, Jen!