Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snowing again?! YUCK! I hate snow and cold weather. But it does seem to get me in a baking sort of mind. I baked a loaf of white bread this morning and am about to finish cleaning the kitchen and make my hubby some chocolate chip cookies. Maybe we'll have some vegetable stew for dinner tonight. Something about a snowy day begs for a pot of something warm and bubbly on the stove.
I have been taking a lot of pictures of Easton lately. I take several a day so I have quite a few. Today we had a little baby fashion show. I took pictures of him in his MMM...Boobies! shirt and hat, his cozy white bathrobe and his cute blue and white plaid boxers. Then I decided I'd put him through enough torture and put him in his jammies and put him down for a nap. Hey, everyone wants to take a nap and stay in their jammies on a day like today, right? I know I sure do! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Easton. (Though if you've seen my Kodak Gallery pictures, you've already seen these.)
Keep warm today!