Monday, February 18, 2008

It's been a while but here's the lowdown on our Valentine's Day...finally.

Here's a picture of our "fiestive" Valentine's Day breakfast.

Yes, those really are heart-shaped fried eggs. And the toast really does say I Love You. Ever seen a toast stamp? I specially ordered one for Valentine's Day. And I thought Easton might think it was cute when he gets old enough to read. Or he might just think his mama's a big ole nerd but that's OK too. At leat he'll know I care about him enough to make him stamped toast. haha :)

The mug I made and personalized for Jason.

The inside of the mug had a cool, hypnotic pattern on it so I decided to be funny and write on the inside "Yes dear. OK honey. Whatever you want." hehe. Can't blame a girl for trying, right? Excuse the messy handwriting. It is HARD to write on the inside of a mug!!!

And here's a cute picture of one of my sweeties in his Valentine's Day outfit.

And another of him in a different outfit making a funny face. :) What a cutie!

We had a nice Valentine's Day. After breakfast, Jason went to work and mommy and Easton got busy making daddy a card for Valentine's Day. He had fun when I painted his feet w/the red paint. He moved his toes around like "Hey, mom. That tickles!" It was pretty cute. And surprisingly enough we got the footprints on the first try and didn't even get paint everywhere. An amazing feat because my eyes were still VERY dilated from those drops. Oh yeah. About that...ONE DROP of those eyedrops lasted for four and a half days! I called the dr to see if this was supposed to happen and he said yes but if it interferred with my daily activities I could cut it down to only using it once a week. That's good, but having dilated eyes for 4 and half days?! YUCK!

Anyway, here's the front of the card.

And here's the inside. Pretty simple since I was having trouble seeing AND I didn't really plan on making this card so just had to use the supplies I had on hand.

After Jason came home from work, we had Tuscan meatballs with spaghetti, bruschetta, and for dessert we had a chocolate cream cheese pie. It was great. Jason got me a card, some champagne and chocolates and a really pretty frame that says LOVE. We had a really nice night.

P.S. Anybody know what kind of adhesive to use on vellum that won't show through? The glue I had said it dried clear but it sure did not! The only other thing I have is the little adhesive squares but they are white and would DEFINATELY show through. Any ideas? Jenni, I bet you know. :)