Thursday, February 14, 2008

Before I start, let me just say that there is a HUGE possiblity there will be typos in this next post...I'm having a lot of trouble seeing and for some reason blogger's spell check won't work. I had an eye appt on Monday. Just a check up but I knew my eyes were getting bad again. I didn't have too much problem w/the uveitis when I was pregnant w/Easton. Maybe God decided to give me a break for a while and for that I am VERY grateful! :) But while I was still in the hospital recovering, the blurriness came back. WEIRD! The retina specialist I am seeing (Dr. Wehner. Pronounced WAY-ner) started me on steroid eye drops 6-8 times a day and also gave me a prescription for a new kind of drops too. I've been on the steroids before. (Wow, THAT sounds weird to write.) They kind of burn when you put them in. Not like getting shampoo in your eye burns but maybe a little like chopping onions burns your eyes. Anyway, I've neglected to do this as often as I should in the past because it is ridiculously hard to keep your eye open to put eye drops in when you know it is going to burn. I'm doing much better with the drops this time though. The new prescription he gave me is awful! I use it 2 times a week at bedtime and I am so happy it is not more often. This new eye drop dilates my eyes and leaves me looking like I'm on drugs. I'm talking about seriously freaky looking eyes and blurred vision like you cannot imagine. Well, maybe you can imagine. You've probably had your eyes dilated at the eye doctor before. But these are super duper magic-dilating drops. I put them in at 10:30 Tuesday night and my eyes are STILL not back to normal! 38 hours and counting. This is awful! And did you know that using the computer when your eyes are dilated makes for a crazy, possibly seizure-inducing flashing computer screen? It is no fun.

I told myself that I'd use these drops on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help me remember to use them. That means from Tuesday to probably Saturday some time I'll have dilated eyes and won't be able to see much. Well I can see but I can't be on the computer, read, watch TV or anything that requires me to wear my glasses. What's left? I can cook. Boy have I been cooking a lot these last few days. :)

And during the eye exam, Dr. Wehner told me I have the beginnings of a very small cataract on my right eye. WHAT?!! How many people do you know who have cataracts before they're 30?! He said not to worry because it is tiny and won't need attention for a very long time but holy crap that scares me! I'm making sure to take my eye drops this time because the alternate treatment is a shot in my eye. Yes, you read that right. A SHOT. IN. MY. EYE! Lord, please do not let me have to have that again!! I've done it once and it was terrible! They had to give me a Valium to calm me down enough so that I could go through with it. GROSS!!!!

Glad I didn't have to go to work and try to focus on anything today. But enough about weird eye stuff. Let's talk about Valentine's Day. This morning I got up and made Jason breakfast for Valentine's Day. I took pictures and everything because it was truly a "fiestive" breakfast. (For those of you who don't know, that is a word one of my former co-workers used to use quite frequently when she meant festive. Boy she was a character.) Pictures and more about Valentine's Day tomorrow. Have a happy one!

Oh yeah! Thankfully so far I have had no broken bones this Valentine's Day. Better knock on wood, the day's not over yet. :) Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out my blog entry from this time last year.