Thursday, February 14, 2008

I REALLY love this seat.

Bebe Pod Plus

I haven't been able to find this one cheaper than about $60. I tried Ebay hoping for a deal but no luck so far. I know there are cheaper versions out there but I love this one. I'm not usually one that just HAS to have name brand or expensive things but I totally love this and don't find many products I feel that strongly about. And yes, I know it is silly but mostly I just love that the tray is a watermelon. Crazy, I know but it is so cute!

We probably won't get it because of the cost, but I do like the idea that the seat comes with a try and a toy. Seems like it would be pretty fun for Easton. Or maybe I'm just looking to find a way to justify spending so much on a baby seat that he will grow out of before long. But they do say it is for up to 12 months. Anybody have an opinon on this seat?