Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As you can see, I haven't been posting too much lately. My vision is pretty bad lately because of floaters/blurriness from uveitis. When it's bad, I tend to stay away from the computer because it is very hard on my eyes. I have an appt w/Dr. Wehner (a retina specialist I've been seeing) on Feb 11th and he'll probably put me on eye drops again. This is awful! I'd love to blog more, read more, do some craft projects, etc but all those things are hard on my eyes. I try to read sometimes but the floaters sometimes make me miss entire words and that makes for some confusing reading. Mostly I just play with Easton, clean house and watch a lot of TV. Not the best, most productive way to spend the day and certainly not what I'd like to be doing, but oh well. It gets better.

I really enjoyed my shopping day with my friend Katy on Saturday. Having to sit through class first was crummy but we more than made up for it with the shopping. We went to Bath and Body Works, Old Navy and Target and found some really cute things there. Kristy, thanks for the hint about Old Navy for cute Valentine's Day stuff. I found Easton this shirt.

I also found myself these rain boots, which I love and Jason absolutely thinks are ridiculous. I told him I wouldn't make him wear them. :)

Nothing too exciting going on. Easton and I just sing and play and I change diapers, feed bottles, read books (thank goodness for the large print in most kid's books!) and hang out. It's pretty fun but not usually very blog-worthy. :) I mean who wants to hear that I listened to the "Songs from the Street: Songs from Sesame Street" cd 4 times in a row yesterday. James Taylor's silly song "Jelly Man Kelly" is our favorite, followed closely by Johnny Cash's "Nasty Dan". Also, "I Love Trash" sung by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is great. Anybody with kids should get these cds. They are awesome. And fun for kids and grownups too.

That's about it for us. I'll leave you with some more cute pics of my little sweetie.

Easton says "Go Pokes!" Wearing hs (a little too big) OSU shirt and jacket from the Churchwell family. We tried the pants on but they were WAY too big for now. That's OK. He'll grow into them by March Madness, I'm sure. :)

Aren't we mean? :) I'm sure he'll thank us for this later.

Easton says Hi. He's all bundled up and ready to play in the snow. His little jacket says "80% Red Dirt, 20% Blue Ridge 100% Edgar and was made for Easton by our friend Katy. And yes, he did have very warm clothes on underneath this thin little jacket.

Ready for a cold sunny day. Oops! Looks like mom forgot to take the sticker off the front of the sunglasses.

What a cutie! Easton is just like his mama...he thinks cold and snow are yucky! But it sure makes for some cute pictures!