Sunday, November 11, 2007

We've had a great weekend. We haven't really done too much but it's been relaxing. Jason was off work on Friday so it was nice to have him here for a 3 day weekend. We didn't even really leave the house all weekend except to go to the grocery store on Friday. I'm getting pretty good at the "sleep when the baby sleeps" thing, don't you think?

I've been wanting to take Easton to the daycare to show him off but I've been trying to wait as long as possible to take him some place with a bunch of people just because I don't want to risk him getting sick. I really miss my friends from work and want to let them meet Easton but daycares are such germy places! It's OK when you're a grownup but he's still so little and I don't want him to catch whatever bug is going around there this week. (And there's always something going around at any daycare.)

I am really feeling a bit lonely for my friends but don't want to risk him getting sick just because I want to visit with my old coworkers. But if I don't find some way to get out of the house I think it might get a little ugly around here. :) Going to the grocery store, while it DOES technically get me out of the house, isn't really my idea of a fun way to spend the afternoon you know? And I'm trying hard not to spend any money right now so going shopping isn't an option. Wish I could just window-shop but I've never been very good at that. I always find a "too-good-to-pass-up-deal" and end up spending so it's just better that I don't go shopping at all. Especially with all the pre-holiday sales going on right now...that would just be too hard! :)

What do you think? Should I take him to the daycare and just not let anyone get too close to him unless they wash their hands? Or should I stay away entirely until he's a little bigger?

And here's a picture that I'm sure Easton will hate me for when he gets bigger. One of the moms at the daycare gave us a cute owl outfit with a hat to match and I just had to take his picture in it. He was just too cute to resist! :)