Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A couple of my friends are doing their Christmas wish lists on their blogs, so I thought I'd do mine too. Here it is in random order:

1. Perfume - My favorites are Very Sexy from Victoria's Secret, Pure Grace by Philosophy and oldie and a cheap one but still one of my favorites.

2. A new bread machine. Don't know if I can actually wait until Christmas to get this one. I miss mine so much!

3. New baking/cookie sheets. Preferably a set of 2 or 3 of them. Mine are looking really awful these days.

4. A Border's gift card. They have a cute tote bag and about a million books I'd like to buy.

5. New knives. The ones we have are great but are getting very dull and some have broken.

6. A bar board. (Small cutting board) We have one but it is all scratched up and looking terrible. Plus, I warped it in the dishwasher so it's not flat anymore. Oops!

7. A vaccuum food sealer and bags.

8. Tupperware bowls. They have a set that's all different bright colors and has the lids like I like but the set costs like $70. YIKES! But they are just like the ones my grandma has and I think she's had them for a really long time so it might be a good investment. (Remember grandma? The little orange bowl w/the lid and I think there's a green one too if I remember right. Probably more but those are the only 2 I can think of. Love you!)

Notice how most of this stuff is for the kitchen? What I'd also really love is for some kitchen designer to come organize my's a disorganized mess!