Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boy, have I been busy! I had class last Saturday and one this Saturday too...all day long! 6-days-a-week type weeks are really no fun at all. That leaves just one day for all my housework and relaxing and almost no time for anything else. YUCK!

But in baby news, one of the moms at my daycare center gave me 2 huge totes of cute baby boy clothes. Really nice stuff. Like from H&M and Ralph Lauren. Now you can barely get anything else in the baby's closet for all of the baby stuff we've received. We're still working on the baby shower thank-you cards. I have at least started them and that feels good, but with all my homework and housework and last trimester backaches, headaches and heartburn, I'm not getting them done very quickly. I have a dr's appt tomorrow on my lunch break (just a regular check-up) so I'll have to miss my daily nap.

That's about all from us. J and I are just busy working and doing nothing exciting. I'm taking lots of naps and lots of Tums and that doesn't make for exceptionally exciting blogging. :)