Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Warning: talk about bras and pregnancy pimples. Don't want to hear about it? Skip this one. :)

I held off as long as I could, but I finally had to break down and do it. I had buy a bigger bra. (And right now my husband is reading over my shoulder saying "Oh gosh. Are you blogging about that?!) I decided to go ahead and buy a nursing bra so all I have to do is (hopefully) buy new bras one time. I HATE bra shopping! I had a choice of a pretty one that looked uncomfortable and a comfortable one that looked really ugly. I bought them both.

Sure enough...the pretty one was WAY uncomfortable and the comfy one was totally gross looking. I decided I don't care what it looks like as long as it fits and doesn't make me totally miserable all day long. Now the question...do I take the uncomfy one back? All I did was try it on. It still has the tags on it and I have the receipt and everything. Man, I HATE the idea of taking a bra back. What if the only person at customer service is a guy? Guess I'd better quickly get over any idea of modesty I might have because once I have the baby I'm going to be totally over any modesty issues I might have. What do you say? Take it back right?

And from buying bras to pregnancy acne. Boy are y'all in for a treat with this post.
I have (very luckily) never had a problem with breakouts. I might get one or two pimples once
a month but now? Oh man! 3 new pimples overnight last night. What happened to that pregnant woman "glow" I'm supposed to have? I'd love to take a picture of my growing belly but at this rate I'm just going to post a pic of my belly only.

While I was bra shopping at Target, I went over to see if I could find something to treat my breakout with. What I found was (get ready - I'm about to sound like a commercial):
Clean & Clear Advantage Invisible Acne Patch.
I love this stuff! And I should because it cost 8 bucks! But it was worth it! I put it on in the car on the way home. (Because I can NEVER wait until I get home to check out what I've bought. Unless of course I'm the one driving.) By the time I got home, the pimples were way smaller! So go buy this stuff if you need it (which none of you need because you're all glowingly beautiful. Have you lost weight? Of course you have.) :)

Anyway, it's time to get off the computer and enjoy the thunderstorm that's rolling in. I love sitting on the couch with the window open and listening to the rain come down.