Monday, June 11, 2007

Very quick hubby's waiting for me to join him sitting out on the deck.
We did finally recover from the concert. By Friday night at quitting time I was so tired I was ready to burst into tears just talking about what to have for dinner. We called Domino's and vegged on the couch with pizza and a few hours of TV. We went to bed early (8:00!) and slept 11 hours. We got up at 7, had breakfast and then went to Walmart for some stuff for the house. We just hung out around the house all day Saturday and then Sunday we got energized and reorganized every single thing in the kitchen. It was to the point where when you opened a couple of the cabinets something came crashing down on your head. Cooking enthusiast that I am, I think I must have every single kitchen gadget ever made, so I had to get rid of some junk I never use. That felt good and now we actually have EXTRA space! Not just neatly organized cabinets but actually room to put more new kitchen stuff. Just kidding!
Only 18 more days until I find out if whomever kicking me is a boy or a girl. And fly out to Oklahoma that night. What a great day that will be! I can't wait!
Those of you I haven't talked to, give me a call so we can make plans to see each other (hopefully) when I come to visit. We'll be in Tulsa June 29-30, Perry July 1-2 and Lawton July 3-5. We won't have a car until Monday the 2nd, so transportation might be a little tricky, but we'll sure try to get to see everyone possible this time. Hurry up June 29th! :)