Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm getting a new job! A position has come open in the infant room at our center and I asked if I could work there. I need all the practice I can get! I should start sometime very soon and I am so excited! I get away from a crazy co-teacher, (some of the) temper tantrums, and (most of the) lesson planning. I will really miss the kids in the 3 year old room, but I will NOT miss some parts of it. I will miss the lesson planning...sort of. I have a love/hate relationship with lesson planning. I love researching new ideas and planning out fun new activities for the kids, but I hate the hours it takes away from my time with J and the $ it costs to really do things the way I think they need to be done. I do get reimbursed for stuff I buy, but it sometimes takes a lot of time to shop for all that stuff. All in all I think I am really ready for a new challenge. I will feel so much more relaxed (I think) after taking care of babies 9 hours a day for 4 months.

4 months? Yep. Today I told my boss I won't be coming back to work after I have the baby. That was a hard decision and it took a lot of soul-searching on my part but I am confident that I made the right decision. Plus, if it turns out that I want to go back to working there, my director said she'd love to have me back any time I'd like to start working again. (Provided they have a position, of course. )

And in other (completely unrelated) news...we're going to see Cross Canadian Ragweed tomorrow night! I am really looking forward to it. Even though it means I will be dead tired at work on Friday. It will be worth it. Plus, it's not like we do that kind of thing that often anymore and at least I'll have the weekend to rest up.

By the you read this, I owe you a phone call! :) I didn't forget, it just got too late and I fell asleep on the couch Sunday without calling. I'm fine and have no news to report (other than what you just read here). I'll be sure to call you this weekend. I love you! Hope you're having fun on that new motorcycle!

Gotta go spend some couch time with my hubby. Goodnight!