Sunday, May 06, 2007

Last night we went to the Apple Blossom Country Music Dance and heard Trent Tomlinson and Keith Anderson. It was a pretty fun night. We met up with our friend Amy and her boyfriend and 4 of their friends. Somehow someone thought it would be a great idea if every time someone made a joke about me being forced to be the designated driver that everyone else had to take a drink. Let me tell you, there were many, MANY jokes about that and by the end of the night it got really old. :) The concert was great. Trent Tomlinson sang even though he didn't have much of a voice. I thought it was great that he went on anyway instead of just cancelling. The music was so loud that you really couldn't hear his voice anyway and with almost everyone there drinking, I doubt many would have noticed how he sounded if he hadn't made an announcement. Keith Anderson was AWESOME! Jason wore his OSU hat because Keith graduated from there and at the end of the concert he signed autographs for the few of us lucky enough to be in the first few rows. He gave Jason a big yell when he saw what his hat said. J threw it up onstage for him to sign and he signed it "Hell Yeah!!! Keith Anderson". Pretty cool. It was a fun time. At the end of the night, we all crammed into my car and I drove everyone home. We looked like a clown car driving down the road. Probably not too safe, but better than the alternative. Now we have to get J a new OSU hat. Actually...come to think of it...Hey! That was MY OSU HAT! :)