Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's me? That still sounds weird! :) J and I had a great day today. We got up and finally went to church like we've been saying we need to do since we moved here. We went to my friend Jessica's church and it was really nice. Very different from what J and I are used to but we liked it. We probably will try another church next week and try out several before we decide on one. It will most likely take a while (and way more than just one visit) to find one we call home but at least we're going.
After church we went to lunch with Jessica, her husband Brett and their gorgeous daughter Olivia. We went to Olive Garden but the wait there was 2-3 HOURS! No way! We knew with it being Mother's Day that it would be busy but that is RIDICULOUS! We went to Quiznos instead. (It was right behind Olive Garden in the same shopping complex.) Then Jessica, Olivia and I walked over to Ross to do some bargain shopping and the guys checked out Circuit City. It was a fun day.
After we shopped, we said goodbye to our new friends and headed home. Of course with the weather being so beautiful today, we had to stop for ice cream. ( was totally J's idea today. Not some crazy pregnancy craving.) We both got sundaes. I got raspberry and J got peanut butter. Then it was home for me to take a nap and J to mow the lawn. It was a nice relaxing day.
OK, so that I am held accountable, I am writing down topics I don't want to forget to post about. Coming some time this week (I hope!) look for posts about our 3 year anniversary, J's fishing trip, and the Green Valley Book Fair.
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the moms that read this. Hope your day was special.