Saturday, May 05, 2007

I didn't post after my last dr's appt and boy have I heard about it! :) (Not that I mind.)
We did get to hear the baby's heartbeat on Monday and the dr said everything looks and sounds good. Other than that, this was a pretty uneventful dr's visit. Hearing the heartbeat was really special, but the dr we saw this time has zero bedside manner and left us feeling like "Huh? That's it?!" Let's hope he's not the one on call when I go into labor. While I understand that for him this is no big deal and he probably does it 50 times a day, he still could have made it a little more special, you know? He barely let me get the answer to his questions out before he was on to the next thing on his list of things to do. I did not like him a bit. Thankfully there are 3 or 4 other drs in his practice and that lessens the chance of Dr. No-Bedside-Manner actually delivering my baby. I'm sure this next appt will be much more fun, since we actually get to see the baby. Here's hoping he or she isn't camera shy! April 21st is the big day.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Go have a margarita for me.