Tuesday, February 06, 2007

To the frozen foods stocker at my local Food Lion:
All I could think about was coffee flavored ice cream. I had a crappy day today and that was what I needed to make the world right again. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered you were OUT of my favorite flavor? But when I asked if you could check to see if you had any more in the back, you checked. And not only did you help me find another brand when you couldn't find Breyers, you checked again after I left the aisle and when you DID find Breyers brand coffee flavored ice cream, you tracked me down at the front of the store to bring some to me. I hope the manager gives you a raise. :)
Thanks for making my crappy day better.
One very happy customer.

P.S. I think I already posted this a while back, but it bears repeating.

A recipe for a better day. (At least this does it for me.)
Imitation "Cappucino Chunky Chocolate Braum's Frozen Yogurt"
2 scoops of Breyer's coffee flavored ice cream
a small handfull of chopped dark chocolate
Mix together in a bowl and enjoy.

[How can I make this recipe even better? Eat it in the bathtub, while reading a book. I don't think I'm that talented, but it sounds heavenly to me. :) ]