Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just when I think my blog is suffering from a serious case of the blahs, someone new tells me they read and enjoy what I write here. Thanks to my cousin (N) for caling today to let me know my blog made you laugh. Thanks to my sister who thinks my blog was whitty. (Why is it that whenever I hear the word "witty" I suddenly want to burst into song? "I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel witty and pretty and bright." I know, I'm a dork...what can I say? Oh and by the way, I spelled witty that way on purpose. B knows why. Love you, B.) Thanks to my friend Jennifer who leaves comments here and understands when I'm a lurker and don't return the favor and comment as often as I should on her blog. :) (Sorry!) And thanks to those people who read even when I don't post that often.

Today, I'm catching up on my blogging (obviously) and lounging around with a cup of coffee. It occurred to me last weekend that I have turned into my parents. (Not that that's a bad thing.) When the weather was so nice and we had the windows open, I found myself on the couch with a cup of coffee and a book and realized that I had often found my parents doing much the same thing. Whether it was dad reading the paper or mom reading a book, I often awoke to the smell of coffee brewing and came into the living room to find the windows open. It was a somewhat surreal moment to be able to proudly say "I have turned into my mother."

And this comment brings to mind another time when I was at mom's house and commented that her coffee smelled good but that I just didn't like the taste. I remember mom getting out all different kinds of coffee and making it several different ways trying to help me find out how I like to drink coffee. We must have made it every imaginable way and with every conceivable ingredient until I decided I just plain didn't like the taste of coffee. Fast forward to college where I suddenly found myself staying up late and getting up early. I quickly found my way to drink coffee. With a skirt, as my dad says. (Translation: a little coffee with my creamer and sweetener) Nowadays, I drink all kinds of coffee and when my favorite local coffee shop had a seasonal coffee I adore, I bought up 5 bags just to store in the freezer so I could enjoy that flavor all year long. Speaking of which, my cup is empty.