Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why I miss my husband

Reasons # 1 through 3,566,583:
All have something to do with how much I love the smell of his aftershave. And also something to do with our bed. ;)

Reason #3,566,584:
He balances the checkbook.

Reason # 3,566,585:
He takes out the trash.

Reason # 3,566,586:
He does the dishes. Yes ladies, I DO know how lucky I am. And I'm convinced I need to compromise and do 1/2 of the dishes. He does one load, I'll do the next. Sound fair or should I keep quiet and thank my lucky stars my hubby is so nice? :)

Reason # 3,566,587:
This new dress I bought for Shawn's wedding? Yes, I will ask him if I look fat in it and yes he will tell me "No, you look nice." Why do I need to ask him if I know what he'll say? I'm a woman, what can I say?

Reason # 3,566,588:
He is the only one in this house who can operate our cantankerous garage door. I hate that thing! Maybe Santa will bring us an automatic garage door and opener for Christmas.

And there are many, many more. Can't wait to see him in OK on Friday.