Saturday, August 19, 2006

Whew! I've been busy! My co-teacher and I sat down last week and planned out (tentatively) all of our preschool themes until the end of the year. Today, I started printing out lesson plan material for all of the themes I'm going to do and let me tell you, my printer has been working some serious overtime! I've already gone through 2 pkgs of paper! Jason has long since gone to bed and I'm still up hunting for ideas online. It seems I spend huge amounts of time online, but not much of that is devoted to this blog. :( But at least I'm working ahead and getting all this work done now so I don't have to do it later. I've already got enough materials to start writing out my lesson plans through the middle of November. I am by no means done with those lesson plans though. Now it's time to wade through all that great stuff I printed out and start to put all those ideas down on paper in an outline, then I have to plot that outline on my lesson plan form (that I turn in to my boss for approval). After that, I have to make/buy/find all the supplies for the projects, make copies of any handouts I need for the kids (coloring pages, etc), make a list of any books that correspond with the lesson plans, etc, etc, etc.
Who knew that so much planning went into teaching 3 year olds?! I know that previous teachers in that class have done FAR less than what I'm doing to prepare lesson plans, but I know what type of a lesson plan I want and I won't be happy until it's done right. Tonight though, I'm DONE!
P.S. Tomorrow, I'll be sure to tell you how the drive-in was. I didn't forget! :)