Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Well, I didn't get around to posting again this weekend, obviously. :)

Just a quick post to say an early "Happy Birthday" to my friend Kristin. I miss you girl! More than you know. Wish I was still in class with you and shopping on our breaks. Take care and have a happy day tomorrow.

Geez, I know I'm really getting old when I'm in my pajamas and falling asleep by 8:30. I remember when I was just getting ready to go out at this time. Dang responsibilities! (You know, like paying the rent, going to work, etc.) I don't remember signing up for this. Ha ha.

Looking forward to seeing my sister- and brother-in-law and nephew this weekend. And being off work on Monday. (THANK YOU!) I'll try to find some time to post again soon.