Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Merry freakin' Christmas. I just got a speeding ticket. Who knew the speed limit was 30 mph in Okay, Oklahoma. I was going 50. (I thought the speed limit was 55. I thought I was doing ok...or is that OKAY?) And to make things worse, I forgot to put the insurance verification back in my car after I got my tag this month. 2 tickets right at Christmas. That cop sure was a jerk. Yes, I was speeding, but I told him I had no idea the speed limit was only 30 cause I never drive that road. He could have at least said I was only going 10 or 15 over so it wouldn't go on my insurance. That's ok. He was "just doing his job", right? Yeah, whatever. It's called karma, buddy and what goes around comes around. You'll see.

(No, that's not a threat against the cop, just saying he'll get his eventually.)