Thursday, November 04, 2004

WOOHOO! I'm going to Virginia! I'm going to Virginia!
Just bought a plane ticket and reserved a rental car so I can see my hubby!
My MIL is calling me a wimp (jokingly, of course) for not being able to even go a week without seeing her son. But hey, what do you expect??!! We're NEWLYWEDS!!!
As a matter of fact, we'll be having our 6 month anniversary while I'm there for a visit. And hopefully I can find us a house (to rent or buy either one) while I'm there. That would sure be a load off my mind if we had that figured out sooner rather than later. Plus, this way I'd actually have a say in which house we end up in. Not that I don't trust my hubby, but well...let's just say I will be working fast and furiously trying to get a house rented/start the buying process while I'm there!!!!
No blog for a week, as I won't have access to a computer.
I'll be sure to update when I get home!