Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Well, we didn't get that house I looked at last week, but that's OK. Paying that kind of money for the house would have required me to lose an arm and a leg (maybe two), so it's actually kind of a relief. Hubby has an appointment to look at another house tonight.

Now, I'm not sure how many people read this blog, but if there is anyone out there reading this now, let me ask you this...

How many of you would trust your spouse to buy a house for you?

Think about that for a minute.

Now think about this: How many of you would trust your spouse to buy a house for you after you've only been married a grand total of 6 months??!!!

Dear Mr. Crafty,
If you are reading this, you'd better pick a darn good house. Otherwise, you'd better like sleeping on the couch and fixing your own meals.
Mrs. Crafty

P.S. Here's a nice little checklist for you, my dear. Because I rather like sleeping with your cute self in my bed. (Rather than on the couch.)

Key things to look for when buying our house:

1) a big, easy to use kitchen (hopefully without avocado green or harvest gold appliances.)
2) a nice bathroom with a bath tub so I can take baths at night to warm up when I'm cold. (you know you like to snuggle with me when I'm nice and toasty from a hot bath. Come on, admit it!)
3) at least 3 bedrooms. We have to have room for the in-laws to come visit.
4) a fenced in yard. I want a dog!

See, I don't want much. Really. No pressure. (yeah right!)