Sunday, September 05, 2010

Oh man am I ever sunburnt! We went to an air show here called "Thunder Over the Blue Ridge." It was so fun! Too bad my camera is on its very last leg or I'd post pictures. It does take pictures but they are so bad! The lens of my good ole point and shoot Kodak is really scratched up and crooked (won't retract back into the camera or straighten out either). It's bad. I definitely cannot do without a camera! My Blackberry takes alright pictures but my babies are far too cute not to have a real camera! I wonder if maybe I can get a fancy digital SLR as graduation present to myself? Ha! Yeah right. Those babies cost a fortune! But I can dream, can't I? Sigh. Maybe someday.


Jen said...

ahh...i'm big-time sunburned as well. we went fishing today and as usual, I sunscreened everybody up but myself. Didn't think I needed it that bad (wasn't TOO hot) plus I wanted to get a little color. Well...that I did! ha ha
Love you girlie!
I want an SLR too...bad!