Thursday, May 06, 2010

****Warning**** I've got homework due tonight and am frantic to finish but took a minute to write this post. I am not at all going to swear it will be gramatically correct, have the right punctuation, etc. because I'm just gonna type it up quickly and redo it later if necessary. Here we go!

So much to talk about so little time! As always I've got homework due so the pressure is on to get it done by midnight. I ALWAYS wait til last minute no matter how much I swear I'm not going to. Whatever. It works for me. Most of the time. :)

I have got some BIG plans for my birthday. It's not until July but man oh man I'm gonna have a great one! Now the explanation of how I stumbled upon this amazing idea is a long one. Here's the short version. While looking on one of my favorite craft sites (One Pretty Thing), I came across this: It's an amazing and inspiring list of 34 "randomish" acts of kindess that Michelle did for her birthday. She was inspired by a post by Robyn over at Mix Mingle Glow Go ahead and read some or all of these posts. I'll wait.

SEE?!!! Aren't these amazing! I cried reading them and hearing other people's reactions to the kindness of strangers. I am definitely doing this on my birthday.
I've already started, though not with a stranger exactly. Yesterday I bought flowers for my new neighbors while buying plants for my garden. Today I decorated a flowerpot to put them in and am taking them over tomorrow to introduce myself. I mean they're practically in my backyard so I could at least go over and say hi, right?

Oh yeah....where did I get the idea for this neighbor gift? From One Pretty Thing and JesseKate desings. ( And the cards in the flowers came from Amanda Joy at Tired of all the links to other sites here? Sorry! Just want to share these great ideas with you! And no, I don't really spend all THAT much time on the computer. The fine folks over at One Pretty Thing do that for me. I just read that and man oh man do I find some amazing stuff!!!

Sorry this last one is blurry! It was getting dark and I had to hustle. I had a sweet little boy who was WAAYY late getting to bed and was trying to help. :)

And I am posting this not to toot my own horn or say "oh, look at this nice thing I did" but because I want to see how many people will do this with me. I want everyone who reads this to just do one nice thing for someone you don't know. Then come tell me about it. Email me, leave a comment here, send me a text or a message on Facebook, whatever. Just please do. Consider it my birthday present this year. :) Let's see how many nice things we can do for someone else this year.

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Kristen Andrews said...

now that is a great idea, how fun will that be and it will bring great joy!

Jen said...

You know I love it!
Those pots are ADORABLE! What a lucky neighbor you have!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for the link & for stopping by! It was the best birthday I've ever had by far.