Thursday, April 08, 2010

One more quick post. It seems I either have no time to post and a lot to talk about or a lot of time (though not lately!) and nothing to talk about. Sorry for the erratic nature of these last few weeks. Sometimes that's just the way it goes with me, I guess.

I love being able to give gifts to my friends and family. It really makes me so happy to give someone something I've worked hard to make.

Here's the cute craft project/recipe I found at How Does She? Oreo Cookie Sucker

Then of course I had to make something to hold those cute little suckers so I adapted this to make a cute gift for my friend for Easter. Sucker Holder It's basically a 2x4 that has been cut, painted, decoupaged and then had a coat of clear sealer added. SUPER EASY! Add some holes to the top for suckers and you're done. I had all of this stuff on hand and Jason cut the board for me from some scraps in our garage. Nice!

Oops! Forgot to take a picture of all of the steps. Melt "candy wafers" (or white dipping chocolate) in a large bowl. Take the tops off of the Oreos. Place a small bit of chocolate (or in this case white chocolate) inside the Oreo. Add a sucker stick. Place top back on cookie and allow to set. Cover cookie with chocolate, decorate and allow to harden and dry on waxed paper.

Wrap in lollipop bags and tie with ribbon or use twist tie to close. Then of course you need something cute to put them in!

These are some hastily taken, very off centered and not doctored in any way photos. Sorry! That's the kind of gal I am lately. This is the front of the sucker holder.

Back of sucker holder

Now put in your cute little Oreo suckers and enjoy! Good thing I made one for myself too! :)

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P.S. Nana, Easter pics and pictures of Audrey's first tooth coming. Sometime. I promise! Maybe even before next Easter!


Fawnda said...

now those are really cute and fun! Great idea! : )

Sharon said...

How great are those?! I'm totally going to give these a try... what's the next holiday? Maybe July 4th suckers?

Thanks for sharing!

Katy said...

I feel like you should call them pops instead of suckers cause you can't suck them. I'd like to eat one though. Remember chocolate suckers? I made some at Valentines, with the molds and they were so good. I kind of wanted to get some more of the Wilts melts and just make some more in the Valentines molds for myself. I have a candy problem though.

Steven said...

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Lee-Ann said...

I love those! Totally cute! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sherrie said...

This is so cute!! I can see some kid coming along and trying to lick one. They look real! Have a great day!

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Amy said...

Katy, I agree with you. They're definitely not a "sucker" type candy. I just called them what they called them in the original recipe though. :) And YOU? Have a candy problem? Never would have guessed. Haha Love you!

Amy said...

Thanks, Fawnda!

Amy said...

Sharon, I'm definitely going to have to do these again. 4th of July would be fun! Maybe I'll make another little holder to use for the 4th. Or I bet I could make one that is one holiday one side and another on the back. Hmmm...that's got me thinkin' now. Too bad I have so very little time to work on projects these days!!! This will definitely ave to be on my "someday crafts" list though.

Amy said...

Thanks, Lee-Ann and Sherrie!

Jen said...

Love them Amy! Looks as cute as anything you'd purchase at a gift shop! I'm telling you...if you ever had the time, you could go into business! :o)

Amy said...

Thanks, Jen! I'd love to do that sometime! Maybe when I retire. haha