Monday, April 05, 2010

7:15-kids awake. Diapers, breakfast. A upset. E gives her pats. So SWEET! Find wasp in E's room. Kill it w/wasp spray. Read the can when finished and see it says not to use indoors under any circumstance. Freak out about fumes and open the windows as much as possible.

8:15-school w/E. LOTW-Rr, color-red, shape-rectangle, song-Row Your Boat, words-rain, rainbow, rabbit and robot. He LOVES it. "Easton so 'cited!"

8:45-E and A play eggs in the LR floor. E asks sis "Do you see orange? Good!" :)

9:10-watch Curious George 2 with E while A takes a nap. Watch a little, play a little cars, play a little tickle fight, watch a little more.

10:35-diaper and daytime clothes for E, shower and clothes for me.

11:20-E asks for "more preschool". Set him up with a snack and pom pom rectangle page. He really likes it and says "Easton put it!"when he puts one on.

11:30-Sis up from nap. Change and get her dressed for the day. Play in floor w/E and A for a bit. Find ants in kitchen. Same place as last year. Spend the rest of the day feeling like I've got bugs crawling on me. UGH!

12:15-lunch for everyone. Change both kids and put A down for 2nd nap. Upload pics to computer while E plays cars. He says he's "just busy mama." A doesn't sleep. She feels hot and is probably teething. I give her Tylenol and a bottle.

1:00-get diaper bag ready and kids out the door on time. Pick up J from work so he can watch the kids during my consultation w/oral surgeon about my wisdom teeth.

2:00-appt goes well. Dr Amos says he DOES NOT recommend taking them out at this time. The pain I've been having is most likely due to a very small cavity that is not yet able to be picked up on xray or from an old filling that is failing. This great news saves J 2 or 3 vacation days, me a lot of pain and our bank account $2315. Nice! We go to Sonic for Happy Hour Cokes to celebrate.

4:00-arrive home. Unload kids and stuff from car. Change diapers and hang out in the living room for a while. A is still fussy and feverish. E asks for a "teever" and keeps putting his hand in his mouth. 2 teething, cranky kids who missed their afternoon nap due to my appt.

5:00-J is working later tonight to make up for missing time earlier in the day. I give the kids fruit and veg for dinner. Both are whiney and cry throughout dinner. Time for Motrin.

5:45-sit down on the couch to feed A her bottle. E gets into my purse and into the lotion. By the time I catch him, he's smeared lotion over his face, the cabinets and a lot of the contents of my purse. Clean him up and get both kids changed and into jammies for the night. Both are already rubbing their eyes and still fussing.

6:00-J comes home. Hooray! We read stories, brush the kid's teeth and put them to bed by 6:45. Whew! Collapse in a heap on the couch and look around at my messy house but am too tired to do anything about it.

Not included in the above list: the 20 or so songs we sang today, the 50 or so messes my kids made (only slightly exaggerated), and the 2 or 3 times I had to put E in timeout for pulling the cat's tail or smacking his sister or the approximately 239 Cheerios I have stepped on today. I vacuumed them up but they'll be back tomorrow, trust me.

7:20-heat up dinner for me and J. Thank goodness I don't have to cook or do homework tonight! Will attempt to upload some pictures and blog tomorrow.


Katy said...

:) Very nice. I must have checked your blog four times today hoping you updated. Its totally my favorite one.

Jen Jones said...

I know this may sound crazy-but reading that makes me wanna join your family. If you had to cook or do homework, it would have sounded much less fun though. :-)

Amy said...

Thanks girls! I typed this throughout the course of the day on the notepad feature of my Blackberry. That's the reason for all the abbreviations and choppiness. Just wanted to document a day in my life. That day seemed so hectic that evening but when I reread it just now I thought "well that wasn't so bad!" I need a serious attitude adjustment. Maybe a date night will do the trick. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh but you love every second of it, I know! When I have to go to training or a conference for work and I don't see Logan for a week it's so weird and depressing. It may be a crazy life but it's my life and I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm sure you know just how I feel =)