Monday, February 08, 2010

Seriously? What is this? Like my 4th post in one day? I either have a lot to say or nothing to say. Actually that's not true. I almost always have something to say but no time to blog about it. Update on E's transition to big kid bed. Oh my. Since then he has taken ZERO naps at nap time and fallen asleep in the floor at bedtime more than once. He continues to trash his room during "rest time" and then he has to clean it up after rest time is over. I usually don't get any complaints from him but it sure does take a lot of time for me to sit there and watch him (and help some but not much) clean up all that stuff. He is staying up later now because he gets out of bed to play or cry at the gate in the doorway. He's overly tired and so am I. It has not been pretty. Add in several days of cold and WAAYY too much snow and it has not been pleasant around here. My house is a mess and we are DYING to get outside! Maybe when the roads clear up some I'll take the kiddos over to the Playnasium and let them (Easton) burn off some energy. Too bad that's 20 minutes away on a hilly, curvy road or I'd take them TOMORROW!!!


Jen said...

oh must feel like this is never going to end...the snow and the sleep problems. But they will my friend. I'm sorry its going so rough for you right now though. Better days are ahead my friend! And eventually, Spring HAS to just HAS to! :)