Thursday, January 28, 2010

Resolutions? What resolutions? Kidding. I still remember that list of goals I have for this year. Where do we stand on that list? After almost a month, let's see. Warning: this is gonna be a long one!

Reliable, trustworthy and inexpensive babysitter? Check. We're going out this weekend for the first time since...I can't remember when. Months and months ago.

Rough draft of book? Um...multiple drafts have been written and promptly thrown away. That is one of many ongoing projects. I WILL write that book this year!

2 huge totes of toys and books given to the daycare I used to work for. That felt great! 5 giant bags of maternity clothes plus multiple other things given to a friend. That felt pretty good too. Now if only I could do that with the rest of my house!

Bible reading? We've done some but not every night like I had hoped. We really enjoy reading together and are learning a lot. It gives us a lot to talk about and a good feeling. I really want to find a church now that we know we're going to stay here a while. I want to quit talking about it and DO IT!

Paint kitchen and hall? Not started yet but some day. As long as it's this year I'm fine with that. Will probably wait til the weather warms up some so we can have the windows open.

Craft projects? I’m about a third of the way through my “someday crafts” list. Projects since Jan 1 include: framed pics for E's room, 2 hand sewn robot pillows, 1 sun pillow, 2 no-sew fleece blankets, 1 baby quilt, 1 crayon/note pad holder, 2 crinkly baby toys and started but not finished 8 bibs, 1 coffee cozy. That list? I'm workin on it!!! Now if I could just quit adding to the list, I'll be ok.

Exercise? Yeah. That’s the one I’m really disappointed with myself about. We ran into a problem after only a short few days. We started out setting our alarm for 5 a.m. That in itself is truly a huge thing for us. We stay up late (case in point…right now it is 12:23 and I’m still typing this) so getting up early usually doesn’t happen. But we did it. For about a week or maybe more we got up at 5. Trouble is, so did Audrey. That girl must have super sonic hearing because she heard us over the music playing in her room. Granted, our room is just right across the hall but we were being very quiet. Really! So then we quit getting up early because on the days she wakes up that early, her schedule is completely wrecked for the day. And a baby off schedule and overly tired is just no fun at all. For anyone. So then I tried working out while the kids were sleeping. The trouble with that? My kids decided to quit napping. I think they know when I have decided to try to get something done. They say “Oh, really mom? You think so? Nope. We’ve got other plans.” Trying hard to keep going, we decided to work out after the kids were in bed. And that plan? Yeah…that did not work out either. Once the kids are in bed, we have to get the dishes done, do laundry, go through the mail, etc. By the time we’re done, we’re so exhausted we just collapse on the couch and it’s usually 9 or 10 p.m. But we’re not giving up! This weekend, we’re going to take a look at our schedule again and see where we can make changes to make this work. We’re gonna do it! We’ve already made HUGE changes in our eating and I’ve lost 7 lbs without even working out. Nice! Imagine what I could do if I could get an actual workout in!

Pay off debt? We’re working on it! Waiting to get J’s W-2 next week so we can get our taxes done. When we get our refund we’re paying off our car! Woohoo!

Worry less? Yep. So far. Pray more. Definitely. Play more? Oh yeah. I painted with Easton in the kitchen floor this week. He LOVED it!

Get more sleep? Most of the time. Not tonight though. Man, I’m gonna need all the coffee I can get tomorrow.

One thing I didn’t talk about but is always a yearly goal of mine is to blog more. So far, so good on that one. And I want to be better about commenting on the blogs I read. I still need to work on that but am doing better when I have the time. I’m still a habitual lurker though so that’s gonna be a hard habit to break. If you have a blog and I haven’t commented on it in a while, bear with me. I’ll get there, I promise!