Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I think we are officially going to turn E's bed from a crib into a big boy bed this week. He's been taking off his diaper and peeing in his bed so I'm thinking he doesn't like the feel of his wet diper. And really, can you blame him?! We bought 2 big packs of "big boy underwear" yesterday and as soon as they get out of the laundry we'll put them on him and see how that goes. He doesn't seem too concerned about the potty right now though. Whenever he has to go he just strips down and lets it rip. Nice. We've tried bribing rewarding with m&ms or stickers, making a big deal out of it when he goes on the potty, NOT making a big deal out of it when he goes on the potty. We've even tried letting him run around with no pants on. He LOVED that but it sure didn't help him want to use the potty. Now he just wants to be naked all the time. Whew! I am SO not ready for him to grow up but I am VERY ready for him to be potty trained. Man, just think...only one in diapers?! That's gonna be so cheap! lol
Will try changing his bed to a toddler bed and see if he will get up and go potty instead of peeing in bed. Man, I dread this. I knew it was coming but I am anticipating struggles getting him to stay in bed instead of getting up to play. Any suggestions? Let's hope it goes as well as our Christmas tree situation did.
I just knew he'd terrorize the Christmas tree. I imagined broken ornaments, a toppled tree and much headache. I almost didn't do one this year. It just didn't feel like Christmas without one so we put one up and he barely even touched it. I should have given my sweetie more credit. He did great! Pray that's how it goes with his "big boy bed". Fingers crossed!

P.S Still trying to get that stinkin' video to cooperate. Grr! Maybe by this weekend????


Sharon said...

Oh Golly! I have absolutely no advise whatsoever! I'm sorta dreading the potty training days. Seems like it will be a lot simpler wit ha girl! Good Luck with the new bed though... I've got my finger's crossed!

{and thanks for your prayers! I'll take 'em!}

Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to the toddler bed but it's time.


mandy said...

You could put a gate in the doorway of his room at night so he knows he needs to stay in there. I just stayed with the same routine at nighttime and they still sometimes get up and fool around for a little bit, but with the gate they know they are supposed to stay in the room. Although now they can climb over it, but they usually only do that in the morning or after their nap. They have cute toddler bed sets, so maybe let him pick out one for his "big boy bed". Good luck with potty training! I had such a horrible time with tyler that I was terrified to do it again, but it was a little easier this time around...though there were many accidents on the carpet and couches...boys seem to like to mark their territory like dogs;) Tyler was in daycare so he wore pullups mostly and I think that hinders the process alot. I used the cloth training pants with Sarah and Zeb, just be prepared to do laundry alot! Girls are easier! It is good when the weather gets warmer to let him run around bottomless. That way when he is still first trying he doesn't have to worry about pulling things down. Zebulun went through a phase of not wanting to wear clothes, but since it was warm at that time I let him go with least while we were at home of course;)

Anonymous said...

I tried everything with Logan and nothing helped!! He was 3 1/2 before he finally was potty trained. One day he said mommy I wanna wear big boy underwear and that was it. He had a few accidents after that but for the most part he was potty trained. I think the most important thing is to be patient and eventually he'll get it, it's just something they have to figure out on their own.