Thursday, October 29, 2009

We had dinner and cake and ice cream for Easton's birthday tonight. We were planning a party but we all got some kind of bug so we'll have to postpone it. Everyone here is feeling better but we'll still hold off on the party just to make sure we don't share that with our friends. I'm sure they appreciate that. We sure had fun tonight though! For dinner, I made kid-friendly food: Mummy dogs, Easy Peas-y Mac and Cheese, Scarecrow Taco Dip and a Monkey cake. I'm not the best cake decorator but I think it turned out pretty cute. I could have gotten the lines a little straighter but I think I did pretty well for just using a sandwich bag w/the corner cut off to pipe this icing! Next time though I will definitely invest in some pastry bags and tips so I can do a better job. (Don't know why the pics uploaded in the wrong order but I'm too tired to re-do it.) This first picture cracks me up. He did NOT want to wear the silly birthday hat and really I don't blame him. :)
Happy Birthday, my sunny funny boy!


Jen said...

Man, you're like Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart and June Cleaver all wrapped into one! Wow!
LOVE the mummy dogs! ha ha ha
Easy Peasy Mac-n-cheese---such a cool idea. Still don't think I could get my kids to eat the peas though.
The cake---wow! I'm WAYYY impressed! ADORABLE! But what really floors me is that you did all that work (and it turned out SO CUTE) just so you guys could eat it.(like you didn't even get to show it off to other people!) Are you going to make another one for the party?
That is so adorable...if Grant is still into monkey's by his b-day in May, I will have to get that recipe from you! Did you use a special Monkey cake pan?

Sweet Sarah said...

I think your cake was stupendous! I love the mummy dogs too...very cute. Have you ever seen the octodogs?

Amy said...

I might make another one for the party. I'm not sure yet. Or I may just make some monkey cupcakes. I just used a regular 9 inch round cake pan and cut out a little from each side. The ears are chocolate covered doughnuts. The hair is a chocolate Twizzler.
The monkey cake instructions are found here:

Here are more really cute cake ideas. I love the dots one of course.

Amy said...

Thanks, Sarah! I have seen the octodogs. I made them for my 3 year olds at the daycare and they were totally grossed out until I told them they were hotdogs. :)