Friday, October 16, 2009

I couldn't figure out why my candles looked so weird. Then I came into the dining room to find this:

Candle wax doesn't taste so good, does it E?

No thank you. I don't want to taste it.

Putting them back like nothing happened. STINKER!!!

Goin' for a ride.

See the socks on this bear? Easton insisted his bear needed to wear the Lightening McQueen socks. Yes, it's very important that your bear be fully dressed before we leave, buddy. :)

Easton makes Sissy laugh

Busted! Caught red-handed eating WAY too many animal crackers before dinnertime. I was busy changing Audrey and when I came back into the living room this is what I found.


Jen said...

GO FOR IT E!!! Eat all the animal crackers you want sweetie (and candle wax). Do it while you have a great metabolism! he he he
Ps. kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to ruin my candles. Even to this day (after being told a 100 times) Brooklyn will get her fingernails and "carve" into any candle she can reach. It drives me crazy...especially if its a decorative candle I didn't plan on burning. makes her nails look disgusting.
Kids....Life....Whatever! :o)

Amy said...

Good thing I buy cheap dollar store candles to put out on the table. :) The good ones are WAAAYY up high out of reach and looks like they're gonna stay that way til both kids are not interested in them.