Monday, September 07, 2009

I am too old for this stuff. Last night we stayed up WAAAY late playing games with our friends. Man, it was really fun but I sure paid for it today! I felt hungover all day long and the only thing I had to drink was water! I usually start feeling achy all over and like I'm coming down with the flu when I don't get enough sleep. And headache! Wow! I had a headache today. And tonight I've been on the computer checking my email and on facebook and I looked up and it's 1:15 am already. Seriously...I'm too old for this and the kids will probably be up with the sun. Oh my. Looks like I'm gonna need a LOT of coffee tomorrow! :) We sure are having a great weekend though! Game night yesterday, took a walk w/the entire family today, cooked steaks on the grill and watched a movie w/my sweetie after the kids were in bed. Jason's off work tomorrow and I'm really glad we have an extra day together to finish getting the house cleaned up, work out in the yard, rest and just hang out. Gotta love three day weekends! Happy Labor Day!
P.S. Gotta Google Labor Day now. Don't know why we celebrate it or how it got it's name but I love it because Jason is off work an extra day. :)