Friday, July 17, 2009

Little monkey, you continue to amaze me! Just recently you started saying "book" instead of your usual "boop". I am so happy that you are learning to say things correctly but it sure makes me sad to realize just how quickly you are growing up. You can say well over 100 words. I know because I counted. When I got up to 125, I lost count.

Right now you are fascinated with the concept of "in" and "out". You love taking things out but not so much the putting them in. The past two days you've taken all of the dirty clothes out of your sister's hamper and brought them to me in the living room. You understand when I ask you to put them back in but aren't about to do it.

You can recognize circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, star, heart, and oval. You can ralso ecognize several letters...A, E, O, and the number 8. You love when we count for you. When I say "one" you say "two." We count to ten and when we're finished you clap and say "Yay!" You cannot get enough of books. You even love to pretend to read my cookbooks. You call them bookcooks. One of your favorite new words is "koo-ie" (koozie). Daddy put your sippy cup in a koozie once and now every time you get a drink you want it in a koozie.

You are still my sunny, funny boy and I am so grateful to be home with you to see you grow and change and learn every day.



Nicole said...

o this makes me want it to hurry up and be thanksgiving EVEN MORE than i did before!! i cant wait to hear easton talking!!!!!!!!! yaaaaay!