Friday, July 17, 2009

My little sunshine, you are changing right before my eyes. You are staying awake for longer periods of time (usually at NIGHT! Quit that!) and are smiling more and more. I love to see your gorgeous little smile. And laughing. Oh, how you surprise me when you laugh!

Right now you are asleep in your bouncy seat. I had to put it in your pack and play so your brother would leave you alone and let you sleep. He wants so much to play with you and doesn't understand that you're still a bit too little for that. I can't wait for the day when you can play with him.

But for right now I am enjoying you being so little. You're a great snuggler and usually don't want to sleep unless someone is holding you. Daddy and I might let that slide for a while longer just because we're so sleep-deprived but soon you're going to have to learn to sleep in your bed by yourself.

I love you, my little munchkin!



Anonymous said...
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Jen said... I wish I could just borrow her for one night and snuggle while I sleep! It's been soooooo long since I've had one that I could do that with!
I know you do...but cherish it. Just yesterday at Wal-Mart I sighed kind of loudly because I couldn't even THINK about what I was shopping for over the chitter-chatter of Grant's little mouth. He was FULL of questions and comments yesterday and it was NEVER ending. He hardly stopped talking long enough to take a breath! Even though it was absolutely does get old after like 2 hours! Anyway, I noticed an older lady smiling sweetly over my way and she overheard me say "Grant, You're about to WEAR me OUT!" She came over to me and said, "to a grandmother, that is the most beautiful sound ever. Someday you'll miss it."
She's so right. Maybe I'm pms'ing---but just thinking about that right now is making me cry. Oh how I wish I would STOP wishing away these precious moments!!!
Love you my dear buddy!!