Sunday, May 24, 2009

We now have a full freezer. Both our inside freezer and the deep freeze are F-U-L-L! Jason and I spent all day yesterday cooking. We made breakfast burritos, bean and beef burritos, 7 mini loaf pans of lasagna, and 2 kinds of calzones. I tried to think of things that would be easy and quick. The burritos and calzones will be great for Jason to pack in his lunch for work and the lasagna is my tricky, sneak-in-the-veggies lasagna that everyone around here loves. It feels good knowing we won't have to worry about cooking for a while.

Today we planted two kinds of tomatoes, green peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, basil, cilantro and lavender in pots to keep on our deck. I did most of the work sitting down in a lawn chair to hopefully keep Miss Audrey from coming early. I've really kind of overdone it the past three days, even though I promised myself I'd take it easy. It's hard to just sit around when I see all this stuff that needs to be done.

Tomorrow Easton and I are going to a cookout that our neighbors invited us to. Jason has to work so it will just be Easton and me but I'm really looking forward to getting to know our neighbors a little better.

Jason's Camaro is on a trailer and on it's way to our house. I'm really excited about FINALLY having it here in WV with us. I can't wait to see Easton and his Daddy working on the car together when E gets a little bit bigger. :)

And that's about it for us. Tomorrow I'm taking it easy and not doing a darn thing. Really. I promise! I'm totally grossed out by my hugely swollen feet right now so I think I'm going to put them up and watch a movie. Posting here may be sporadic at best in the upcoming weeks but I'll try to update here if anything exciting happens. Look for Jason to do a post here (maybe even with pictures) when we finally get to meet Audrey.


Teresa said...

I'm way impressed about all of your cooking!! Good for you!! I'd love your recipe for Calzone but seriously understand if you have better things to do. :)

I feel better about going to a cookout alone tomorrow (just me and the kids) since my husband is working too...thanks for sharing that...I don't feel so alone now. :)

Hang in feet swelled so big with Logan that I HAD to wear support hose. NOt fun!!

Can't wait to 'see' Audrey!!! Take care of yourself my friend.