Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am thinking about how to scrapbook the photos from my Mother's Day photoshoot with Katy. I need to get some cute little girl things to use in my scrapbook. I have bought a few and my mom gave me some really cute stuff but I really wish we lived closer to Hobby Lobby so I can find more. Hmmm...too bad I can't shop Hobby Lobby online.

You know, when I was talking about my photoshoot experience last time, I mentioned how much I just really don't like having my picture taken. That said, I really had a fun time with Katy as my photographer. When someone you know is taking the pictures, you are much more relaxed and feel comfortable even when you're the center of attention.

If I had to choose a favorite picture, I'd have a really hard time. There were so many good ones! And I still have a whole other roll of black and white yet to get developed!
If you noticed from my last post, I said those pictures I posted were only SOME of my favorites. There were too many good ones to only post one bunch! Here are some more of my favorites:

I'm trying to convince Katy that she should start her own photography business on the side. What a fun way to make money doing something she loves to do and is so good at! I hope it didn't seem like I was unhappy with the pictures she took of me. Not at all! I think they're some of the best pictures I've had taken in a LONG time! And really, out of the whole roll there were only a very small handful where I was blinking or talking (I'm SO bad about that!) or looking silly. That's pretty darn good picture-taking ability there, Ms. Katy!


Katy said...

You're welcome! It was fun to do and I really do love doing it. I don't know how long we were at it but it flew by for me and I could have kept shooting a long while. My most favorite one is the one of the three of you outside where you are laughing with your mouth open. I think I'm going to frame it but can't wait to see the black and whites.