Monday, April 20, 2009

I had a check up today and everything looks great. I go back in two more weeks and then after that it's every week. I did not gain ANY weight this week and I'm still swearing up and down that there is NO WAY I gained 5 pounds at my last visit. Must have been the heavy shoes and sweater, right? :)

In other news, why is it that I can think of like 15 names I like for Miss Baby 2 but my hubby can't even suggest ONE?! (Sorry, honey. I'm telling on ya!) OK, ok that might sound harsh but seriously, I have a list of like 15 names I like for the first name and 4 for the middle name and can come up with millions of different combinations that I love. But every time I talk to J about it he says he has to think about it. It is driving me crazy! In his defense though he HAS been really busy at work and home both so I guess I should cut him a little slack.

But I've got STUFF to do once we pick this name! I want to put her name up in her room, personalize some stuff, etc. I know I have all of her life to do this stuff but I want to settle on a name so I can finally have an answer for everyone who's been asking.

We'll take a vote here...these are just some of the names I like:
Audrey or Audra
Carly or Carlie
Jaci or Jacey
Jaelynn or Jalynn
Jaysa (can't figure out the spelling for sure on this one)

Middle names:
Lee or Leigh
Michelle or Michele

Anybody have one they like more than the others? Have one you like that's not on the list? I'm really stuck on Audrey Grace but really like some of the others too. We'll see.

(Jason, please don't get mad at me for posting this...just wanted to get some others opinions! Love you!)


mandy said...

Well, I really like Jaysa...never heard of that one and it would be unique...Grace is pretty and elegant. If you should choose Lee or Leigh for the middle name, choose Leigh for the spelling. My middle name is Lee and I always wished it was spelled the other way because it seems more feminine. When I was pregnant with the one I miscarried, we were going to name it Launa if it was a girl. I think it's a really pretty name. We were watching Smallville then and that is one of the character's names. But I also have a soft spot for Tyler;) Good luck!

Laura said...

My friend Michele and I used to try to get ppl to name their babies Laura Michele, which is kind of like Lauren Michele. But I really like Audrey Grace. Can't go wrong with those 2 classy ladies :)

Katy said...


Katy said...


Anonymous said...

I remember another name I liked when I was pregnant w/ both Addelyn and Alexa. Emmory...the spelling looks a little of but EM Ree is the way it's pronounced. Emmory Grace...or Emmory Paige. Easton and her E for short. Okay I think you got the point.

I'll love her no matter her name she'll still be cute as a button.