Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy birthday, little man! You are officially a year and a half old today. We got you a little sister to celebrate. Haha. Well, really, we got you a wagon. We probably won't be getting you a gift every year on your 1/2 birthday but thought that since your birthday is in cold weather, we might just save the wagons, tricycles, bikes, and other warm-weather stuff for a surprise once in a while on your half birthday. You love your wagon. You call it your "car" and want to go for a walk every day and that's fine with me! :)

We've started making a list of all the words you can say. So far we're up to 138 and that list grows by at least one or two words a day. You beat the "average" 18 month old by about 128 words but I already knew you were far from average my sweet boy.

Right now you are lying in your crib talking to yourself/fussing about being put down for a nap. You're tired but are keeping yourself awake by saying just about every single word you know. You have 5 teeth now. Two on top and three very crooked ones on the bottom. Boy oh boy, your mama and daddy sure did give you the crooked teeth genes, son. Sorry! But you are still as adorable as ever, don't worry. Maybe even more so.

We've taken your ball pit out of the living room and turned it back into a wading pool. It lives on the deck and you want to go "mimming" every day in your "poo". Good thing mama knows you mean the POOL.

Right now we're just doing a lot of walking and a lot of swimming in the pool and not much of anything else. I am really trying to savor these last few days with you as my only child. I am very, very excited and happy about your sister's arrival soon but I'm trying very hard to soak up as much one on one time with you as I possibly can. It will be a tough time for a little bit, my sweet boy, when your sister comes. We'll have our carefully planned routine thrown out of the window for a while and this will be rough on us all. But I cannot wait to meet your sister and I especially can't wait to see your reaction to her. You love babies and are such a social little guy that I can't imagine there being too much of a problem. We'll see. Just so you know, I won't love you any less just because there's a new baby in the house, I promise!

I love you, my sweet, handsome boy!



Jen said...

You know it's only fitting that your son would have a LOVE for words and be advanced where words are concerned. :) All that reading you've done to him...he'll probably reading to Audrey by the time he's 2! he he he
Where's a pic of E. with his new wagon? I love that smiley little face of his! {SMOOCH}.