Monday, March 16, 2009

It's gonna be THAT kind of day! Easton is into everything these days. I totally get that he's trying to figure out how things work and that everything is fascinating for him and he's not doing any of this to get on my nerves or cause trouble. I get that. I promise! But when you've cleaned up raspberry preserves out of the carpet, vacuumed up crushed Kix cereal off of the floor, scrubbed the carpet where someone has watched the milk drip out of their (supposedly leakproof) sippy cup, changed the sheets in the crib because someone decided to throw a poopy diaper in his bed before I could get it rolled up and into the trashcan (GROSS!), picked up the papers that needed to be filed because someone pulled them off in of the table, stepped on squished bananas on the linoleum, put the alarm system sensor back on the window where little hands pulled it off for the millionth time, cleaned up the basket of books someone dumped all over the floor and didn't put away and all of this is before 9:00 know it's gonna be THAT kind of day! This is the kind of day when I'd usually put E in the car and go run errands just to get out of the house. Unfortunately, Jason's got the car today and I've got to finish up my final paper for one of my classes so no running around for us!


Nicole said...

o lord.....hes a toddler!!

Amy said...

True, true, Nicole! :) And to think...I'm about to have baby number two! Holy cow, I'm gonna be one busy mama!
Miss you!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness Amy! Totally brings back memories!! I hope your day turned out a little better than the way it started and that you were able to get some good time spent on your paper. As cliche as it is...just WILL most definitely look back someday and miss this. You will long for these kinds of days again...someday. Not anytime soon---but someday. :o)
Hang in there! Baby 2 will be here soon and they'll be just the distraction you need to make you not even notice things like squished bananas and dirty sheets! he he he
(seriously though--you'll be amazed at how much your "standards" lower when #2 comes along!) It's just impossible to keep up like you did when there was only one mess-maker in the house! :o)