Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is how Easton eats applesauce.

All gone!

Easton's bath after applesauce. Sometimes we blow bubbles when he's in the bath.
And yes, he does drink his bathwater.
(Son, you'll love me for this picture later. Just be thankful I didn't post the one where you're actually drinking the water from this cup. It was a little more than you'd appreciate me showing the world. But I'm definitely gonna show it to your girlfriend one day.)

Easton's first Jello

Easton's first Oreo.
(Just for you, Jenni!)

I think it's a hit.

Shortly after this picture...Easton's first sugar-induced overload. He asked for a bath (completely his own idea but that's where we were already headed.), had a meltdown when we put his pj's on and then crashed as soon as his head hit the bed. We will definitely be keeping the Oreos for an only every once in a while thing. :)


Jen said... gave him an Oreo for me?? You're the best!!! :o)

Ps. Glad you enjoyed it E. They're awesome huh? :o) Just watch out...they have 70 calories each! ha ha ha ha ha