Monday, December 01, 2008

Here's Easton and Daddy takin' a break together. Eating some Cheerios and watching the people go by.

I just love this picture. It might be my favorite out of the hundreds I've taken. We were in Williamsburg and had just sat down to rest on a park bench. Easton was just hanging out in Jason's lap and looked so cute!

Here's Easton about to have lunch. I just love his little feet sticking out. He does this thing with his feet where they are CONSTANTLY moving. My mom and I call it his "twirly, whirly feet". It's too cute!

Easton in the tub at Aunt Leslie's. I didn't get permission to put the other tub pictures I took on here so I won't...they're blackmail pics of E and his cousin Alexa, playin' in the tub together. I'll save those to show to his first serious girlfriend. :)